We value and promote continual learning and training for our crew members, as well as clinicians from other organisations.

We are one of several sites within the UK that has become a centre of clinical excellence, allowing senior doctors to train in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.

With unique training opportunities, and an enthusiastic and passionate team, we attract some of the best doctors in the country.

To improve acute medical and trauma care, we have collaborated with the main hospitals in the region, including The John Radcliffe, Stoke Mandeville and Wexham Park. We have also formed research partnerships with Oxford University NHS Trust and The John Radcliffe Hospital.

Working with our NHS partners allows us to continually research and review clinical impact, and to ensure we have a strong research grounding and involvement in the future.

Simulation equipment

To ensure that we have the best training equipment for simulation, we have invested in realistic mannequins which respond to the team, react to drugs and medical interventions as if they were real patients.

The mannequins can be placed in simulated scenarios similar to scenes that our crews attend daily, such as road traffic accidents or under trains.

Our educational partnerships with South Central Ambulance Service and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust allowed us to run the first “Train the Trainers in PHEM Simulation Course” in the country.

This partnership also allowed us to use the advanced “Simbulance” – a fully functional ambulance with the ability to practise responses to scenarios.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Crew Course

Originally written and designed by TVAA Medical Director Dr Syed almost 10 years ago, the HEMS Crew Course (HCC) has now become a nationally recognised course for doctors and paramedics who wish to train to the level expected to join advanced clinical teams.

The challenging course runs for seven days ending with an exam that must be passed for the crew members to obtain the qualification.

We run the course once or twice a year, with a few places kept aside for clinicians from other organisations. For further details of the course please contact us.

Scholarships Grants

To ensure our crews are as skilled as possible, clinical staff are supported in enhancing their training and qualifications when they complete extra periods of study.

We have established a fund to support our clinical staff with their studies. Funding can be used towards course fees and expenses.

Applications for a grant must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by the applicant's line manager.