We’re proud to work alongside the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) to give the best possible care to patients. Sometimes incidents are identified in the control room as needing critical care and our crew are dispatched straight away, but often SCAS are first on scene and call on us if they identify that the patient may require enhanced care. Working in close partnership means that as a team we are able to give enhanced critical care to the most ill and injured patients.

What kinds of enhanced care do we provide in addition to SCAS?

  • We carry blood and plasma onboard
  • We have additional equipment such as ultrasound
  • Our crew are trained in surgical skills that they can perform at the scene of the incident
  • We have additional pain relief for patients in extreme pain
  • We have the skills and equipment to sedate patients and takeover their breathing
  • We can offer enhanced care for extensive limb injuries

Together with SCAS, we work hard to continuously improve patient care. When working together at the scene of an incident, our doctors and paramedics work in tandem with the SCAS crew to treat patients, and we often rely on them to help us to transport patients when conveying by helicopter would not be appropriate.

We’re so proud of how well our excellent partnership has been showcased on More4’s Emergency Helicopter Medics – we couldn’t do what we do without the support of SCAS and we’re delighted that viewers have gained an insight into how we work as one team.

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Please note the image used is from a simulation and is not a real life incident