We recently posed a few questions to one of our HEMS Paramedics, Lisa Brown. For a little insight into her role keep reading…

How did you get into the field of HEMS?
“It has been a lifelong ambition of mine to work on the Air Ambulance and I worked hard to develop my knowledge and experience in order to meet the requirements of this very challenging role.

I was fortunate to progress through the ranks within South Central Ambulance Service, and after spending 10 years as a Paramedic I applied to join Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Following a series of physical examinations, fitness testing and interviews, I was successful and have been fortunate to have been in this role since May 2010.”

What’s an average day like?
“No one day is the same. When I arrive for duty on the Air Ambulance the morning starts with our medical bag checks, equipping the aircraft and ground run before receiving our daily flight briefing from the duty pilot.

Once the briefing is complete we are available to respond to incidents. We may be called out several times a day, but I’ve also worked shifts without any callouts. On those 'quiet' days we make the most of our time organising the base and the vehicles, and discussing medical issues and training scenarios with the Doctors.”

What are the main responsibilities of your role?
“The role of the Paramedic is to deliver good quality care to patients and their families and my role on the aircraft as a HEMS Paramedic, although begins with a different title is still the same as that of a Paramedic.

However, since working with TVAA I have received extensive HEMS training which enables me to work alongside Doctors and other ambulance Clinician's to provide enhanced care in the pre-hospital field. The doctor/paramedic partnership enables the extension of care which sees skills, such as those in a hospital, being brought to the patient.”