Our paediatric kit bags mean our paramedics and doctors can easily access paediatric emergency equipment during an incident involving a child and helps them to address the particular challenges of paediatric emergencies.

The bags use a colour coded tape and pouch system. Each pouch is coded with a colour that indicates the age/weight of a child for whom the equipment inside will be suitable. A colour coded measuring tape is included to allow a child’s height to be determined quickly.

Having the colour coded pouches means that our crew don’t have to spend valuable time calculating the correct equipment size or medication amount for the age/weight of the child they’re treating, in what is already a high-pressure environment. They can also quickly access the required equipment, saving them even more time to focus on delivering effective treatment.

Each pouch includes equipment for intubation and sedation, pain medication, and other important emergency equipment that may be needed at the sorts of incidents we attend. We have a paediatric kit bag in our helicopter and in each of our critical care response vehicles, so all our on-shift crew are ready and prepared to effectively treat children.

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