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On average our crews attend three incidents every day. They bring equipment, speed, but most importantly the expertise that a normal land ambulance wouldn't be able to provide.

Our paramedics and doctors bring advanced medical care to the scene of an incident which improves a patient's chance of survival. To put it simply, we bring the hospital to the roadside.

All of this is funded by you. Your support can change a patient's story, from one of urgency to a story of survival.

Find out more this National Air Ambulance Week

Survival Stories

Hear from our former patients and crew members tell their amazing survival stories.

Bake Off for Take Off

Organise a bake sale with your colleagues or friends to raise money for our life-saving service.


You have the chance to become a life-saver by giving up your time to volunteer with TVAA.

Our crew wouldn't be to save lives without your support. Make a single donation below or download our direct debit form.

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