What’s involved with your role at TVAA?

I lead the new Major Gifts team, working with our Corporate Fundraising Manager and Trusts Manager. Our team work with companies who want to partner with us, we build relationships with people who want to give to us through their charitable Trusts and Foundations, and we help members of the community who want to leave a gift to us in their Will.

Why did you want to join TVAA?

I’ve worked in fundraising for about 16 years, mostly in community, corporate and trusts roles. In fact, 10 years ago I worked as the corporate and trusts manager for CareFlight, an air ambulance in Sydney, which I absolutely loved. So when this role was advertised, I jumped at the chance to not only work for such an inspiring cause, but it was also an exciting opportunity to build a new Major Gifts team.

What’s your favourite TVAA fact?

That we can perform some surgical procedures on the roadside. The work that our crew does continually amazes me.

Which projects/work are you most looking forward to working on/completing?

Our team are hosting a series of networking events to share information about the work we do and connect people, so I’m really looking forward to meeting more supporters.

If you won £1 million tomorrow, what would you do with it?

Donate some money to TVAA, of course! Then buy a house in Australia, for retirement. I probably wouldn’t have any change leftover, but if I did, I’d squeeze in a holiday too.