Why you should write your will.

Life is busy, but you should make the time to write your will. Did you know not having one can cause financial problems for your family and loved ones. Please don’t be one of the one out of three people who die without ever having made a will.

Everyone should have a will

Intestate is the word used if you should die without making a will. The intestacy rules decide who will inherit what. Did you know that this means your loved ones could miss out and most of your estate could go to the taxman?

If you live with a partner but are not married, not in a civil partnership and have not made a will then your assets go to your closest living blood relative. All of this means you need a will to ensure that your wishes are carried out.

We know that when you are making your Will, quite rightly your loved ones will come first. But we hope, once you have taken care of your loved ones that you will consider leaving a gift in your Will to Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Remembering us in your Will will make a positive impact on the lives of critically ill or injured people in the future and ensures the continuation and development of our innovative medical care.

Funding from gifts in Wills has enabled the charity to commence night time operations, specialised training and equipment. We are one of busiest air ambulance services in the country and any gift, small or large, will ensure that we are there to save peoples lives.

The view from a former patient