What next

Before you visit your Solicitor it is important to decide who will inherit what and when. Making your wishes clear makes it easier for your loved ones to deal with your affairs after your death. If you have young children you should appoint a guardian of your choice, if you have not made a will and you are the only parent, the court will appoint a guardian, also unmarried couples should appoint each other as guardians.

Many people choose to use a solicitor for professional and legal advice regarding their estate, they can also advise you on inheritance tax and make sure your final wishes are met.

The Goodwill Partnership

Thames Valley Air Ambulance has partnered with the Goodwill Partnership who will provide a trusted affordable Will Writing service in the comfort of your own home. They only use solicitors who are members of the England Law society. 

If you already have a Will

If you have already made a Will you can still support us by adding a Codicil. This document will allow you to add and amend instructions to your Will without having to revoke your existing Will. You can download and print off the codicil form and once completed please take it to your solicitor or legal advisor. We suggest that you also download advice for completing a codicil form.