We bring the hospital to the roadside.

But what does that mean?

Skills and expertise

Unlike the average land ambulance, the helicopter and our emergency response vehicle are manned by a paramedic and doctor team. With a doctor onboard, we can bring the skills and expertise of a hospital to the scene of an incident. Our pilots, paramedics and doctors work together as a team, along with other emergency services to deliver the best care for patients.

Our crew aim to be the best they can be, and continuously train and develop their skills and expertise. Each crew member spends time in realistic practice scenarios, so they are ready for any eventuality.
State of the art equipment

All of this means our advanced doctor and paramedic team can perform critical medical procedures prior to the patient arriving at hospital. Our crew can relieve pain, straighten broken limbs, and deliver emergency anaesthesia among a long list of vital medical care.


Speed is imperative for survival with major trauma incidents, and we can be anywhere within Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire within 15 minutes. From our base at RAF Benson in South Oxfordshire, the helicopter can quickly be tasked to incidents across the Thames Valley.


Innovation is at the heart of who we are. Through research we learn, and base our decisions and investments on solid understanding and evidence. We continue to build on our success and we strive to break barriers to bring innovative technologies and medical intervention to our patients.

We encourage our doctors and paramedics to be the best they can be by offering them the time and opportunity for learning and development.

We were the first Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) unit in the country to use plasma on board for critically injured trauma patients. We were also among the first HEMS service to carry blood on board and use an ultrasound machine in the pre-hospital environment.