Fiona loves baking, particularly with her daughter Chloe, and she’s pretty good at it – some might say it’s her super skill.

Fiona wanted to support Thames Valley Air Ambulance after hearing how they had responded to a bad horse riding accident near her home, where the highly skilled crew were able to give a critically injured rider the best possible chance. Fiona wanted to do her bit to help and support the team.

Inspired by her love of baking, Fiona organised a “Bake Off” event at her office in Milton Keynes, persuading her colleagues to bake and get together to make a difference. Her daughter loved the idea as well, and arranged a similar event at her school.

Baking at home and selling cupcakes to colleagues and classmates may seem a long way from the realities faced by the Thames Valley Air Ambulance team every day, but the money raised is vital and provides much needed funds for Thames Valley Air Ambulance, who rely entirely on donations.

The £160 Fiona and her colleagues raised covers the cost of pre-hospital anaesthesia, allowing the highly skilled team to perform advanced medical procedures at the scene.