The Emergency Response Vehicle(ERV) is one of the latest additions to our life-saving fleet. Thanks to the ERV, our service is now more efficient and can reach more people in need.

Based at RAF Benson, the ERV is staffed by a Critical Care Paramedic and a Senior Doctor. Our crew are now in the fortunate position to be able to mobilise both the helicopter and the ERV at the same time – increasing the likelihood of saving more lives.

The ERV is equipped with:

  • portable ultrasonography
  • portable blood gas analyser
  • Lucas automated CPR device
  • O negative blood
  • fresh frozen plasma
  • minor wound kit
  • major trauma kit
  • a variety of medications to allow for the discharge of patients at home, for advanced analgesia and sedation or for critical care prior to arriving in hospital.

We are always working to push the boundaries of medical intervention, and our ERV is vital in providing supervised training and experience to our doctors in their specialist field of Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine.

In the past year our ERV has attended 689 incidents at scene. This means that our doctors, paramedics and specialist equipment are reaching and treating far more patients than ever before.