Thames Valley Air Ambulance (TVAA) values and promotes continual learning and training, whether that's for our own crew members or clinicians from other organisations.

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PHEM | Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine
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Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) has been officially recognised as a sub-speciality by the General Medical Council.

This has now made PHEM a truly professional programme with recognised training schemes and requirements. The strict requirements for practice in any recognised speciality is the same for PHEM.

Currently both the College of Emergency Medicine and the Royal College of Anaesthetists have recognised this sub-speciality and have dedicated training slots for their trainees.

Several regions within the UK have now become centres of clinical excellence and provide posts for senior doctors to come and train in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. TVAA is one of the country's recognised training centres. In 2015 we had three doctors train in PHEM successfully. We achieved a very favourable report in 2016 from the Oxford Medical Deanery which is responsible for medical education within the region.  

TVAA, in partnership with our local hospitals, have bid for six doctors to join the our medical team in mid 2017 for specialist training and development in PHEM.

Doctors coming to the region to train in PHEM will be fully supported and funded. They will attend several training courses ranging from the nationally recognised Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Crew Course, ultrasound training in pre-hospital care environment and a Night Operations training course. The charity also fully supports the National PHEM Training Course as designed and held by the Faculty of PHEM.

With unique training opportunities, an enthusiastic and passionate team we attract some of the best doctors in the country to come and work and learn on the HEMS aircraft and on the car.

For further details please contact us.

PHEM Simulation | Leading the way
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Imagine having a training scenario where the simulated patient mannequin is under a train, has fallen from height or has been involved in a car crash. These are the type of incidents that our crews face every day and that is why being able to reproduce these situations to aid team learning is vital.

TVAA has invested significantly to ensure that we have the best training equipment for simulation. Highly realistic mannequins respond to the team and, react to drugs and medical interventions as if they were real. Monitoring equipment using WiFi creates realistic environments of training. 

We have also formed educational partnerships with South Central Ambulance Service and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. This has allowed us to run the first “Train the Trainers in PHEM Simulation Course” in the country and allowed us to use the advanced “Simbulance” – a fully functional ambulance with the ability to run scenarios and then watch them either live or recorded.

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) Crew Course
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Originally written and designed by Dr Syed Masud almost 10 years ago, the HEMS Crew Course (HCC) has now become a nationally recognised course for doctors and paramedics who wish to train to the level expected for advanced clinical teams.

The challenging course runs for seven days ending with an exam that must be passed for the crew members to obtain the qualification.

TVAA run the course once or twice a year and a few places are kept aside for outside guests. For further details of the course please contact us.

Scholarships Grants
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The Board and Trustees of TVAA are aware of the need for its clinical staff to enhance their training and qualifications by completing extra periods of study leading to qualifications, and have established a fund available to clinical staff. Funding can be used towards course fees and expenses. Applications must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation by the applicant's line manager.