Meet the Charity Services Team - these guys make it all happen behind the scenes. From finance to answering queries.

John Wilcox
Director of Charity Services
[email protected]

Hello, my name is John and I am the Director of Charity Services. My role is to ensure that the back-office functions of the charity work effectively. This entails lots of things from making sure we pay our suppliers, producing accounts, and ensuring that our IT and data is managed properly.

Martin Harborne
Finance Manager
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Martin and I am the Finance Manager. I am responsible for the day to day financial administration for the Charity; producing regular KPI reports and Management accounts for the Executive Team and Trustees.

Katie Hawes
Fundraising Support Team Leader
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Katie and I am the Fundraising Support Team Leader. My role involves the posting of non-cash donations and fundraising monies. I am also in charge of answering phone calls and emails that come into the main charity account.  

Sobia Zahoor
Fundraising Support Administrator
[email protected]

Hello, my name is Sobia and I am a Fundraising Support Assistant. I handle calls and process day-to-day donations. I also deal with administration work within the office.

Sharon Prior
Cash Office Supervisor

Hello, my name is Sharon and I am the Cash Office Supervisor. I count lots of Collection boxes, liaise with volunteers to collect boxes and input all the information on the database. I also keep up the general running of the cash room.

Esther Meakes
Cash Office Assistant

Hello, my name is Esther and I am the Cash Office Assistant. Primarily I count and record the collection boxes and any other cash donations. I also prepare and distribute new or replacement boxes.

Tony Coote
Fundraising Logistics

Hello, my name is Tony and I am Fundraising Logistics. I am the go-to guy for supplying, exchanging and cleaning collection boxes. I also help with the delivery of equipment to volunteers and events.

Bernie Vink
Database Administrator

Hello, my name is Bernie and I am the Database Administrator for TVAA. I manage the Advantage Supporter database and am looking to commence ongoing software development and training. I am also the go-to guy for in-house IT related projects and enquiries.

Helen Shorter
HR Manager

Hello, my name is Helen and I am the HR Manager. My role is to provide HR support to the Charity and I am responsible for Employee relations, recruitment, compensation and benefits, training and development.