Last year Carey made a pledge to start running. Carey’s motivations are clear. In September 2013, she had received the phone call that no mother wants – her daughter Charlotte was involved in a serious car accident. She suffered multiple injuries and Thames Valley Air Ambulance were on the scene within minutes.

The severity of her injuries meant she had to be airlifted to hospital in Oxford, where she was in intensive care for two days.

A few months after Charlotte’s accident, Carey and Charlotte met the paramedics who saved her life, Rich and Clive. That special reunion the Charity arranged was pivotal to Charlotte’s recovery.

Carey wanted to give something back, and support the team that gave her daughter the best possible chance of survival. Carey has been on a mission to help the Charity by volunteering at local events.

She began volunteering and fundraising, culminating in raising money and awareness for Thames Valley Air Ambulance by running the London Marathon and raising £2,500.

£2,500 pays for an ultrasound machine, so in a situation like Charlotte’s, our medical crew can quickly check for internal injuries at the scene.

“I wanted to do my bit and try and raise £2,500. It was a huge personal challenge, especially as I am not a runner! After freaking out for a couple of weeks, I realised the enormity of it all and started my training!”