When we launched the Three Counties Trek back in March, Mittch was the first sign up. She tells us in her own words why she is keen on rising to the challenge.

“In many ways I’m very fortunate. I work for Big Yellow Self Storage – a former corporate partner with TVVA - and a company that completely believes in giving back to the community, by supporting local charities.

I’m also fortunate that I’ve never needed the services of the TVAA, nor has anyone I know. However, this is a charity that could be needed by anyone, at any time for any number of reasons. If you need their help, they will be there.

So when TVAA launched the Three Counties Trek, I was keen to sign up. When I was born, both my hips were dislocated and, because I wasn’t put in traction at the time, my joints were affected. Walking long distances can become uncomfortable, even painful, but that’s really minor when compared with some of the lives saved by the TVAA. I do love a leisurely hike with my camera and 13 miles in one day will be a real challenge for me!

There will be such a sense of satisfaction when I do this. Not just for completing the course, but by raising much needed funds for the TVAA. I hope I will be able to continue supporting one of my favourite charities, working for a fantastic company, and remain one of the fortunate ones who never need TVAA.”

If you're interested in taking on our charity walk then sign up here. If you want to speak to someone about the Three Counties Trek then please contact us.