Working with the South Central Ambulance Service to offer the best patient care

We’re proud to work alongside the South Central Ambulance Service (SCAS) to give the best possible care to patients.Read more

Giving young patients the best chance with paediatric emergency kit bags

Our paediatric kit bags mean our paramedics and doctors can easily access paediatric emergency equipment during an incident involving a child and helps them to address the particular challenges of paediatric emergencies.Read more

On the sofa with paramedic Lisa

We caught up with paramedic Lisa to find out about her journey to becoming a paramedic, and discuss the Emergency Helicopter Medics incident that she attended.Read more

The 5S's and 1A of landing an air ambulance

When landing our helicopter, our pilots (with the help of our paramedics), have to consider many factors to ensure they can land safely.Read more

What is the LUCAS device and how does it help patients?

The LUCAS Device delivers CPR to patients in cardiac arrests. We carry this piece of kit on our helicopter and each of our Critical Care Response vehicles.Read more

How the Chain of Survival gave Paul the best chance

When someone suffers a cardiac arrest out of hospital, certain things happening in a certain order can dramatically increase their chances of survival. This order of events is known as the ‘Chain of Survival’.Read more

Episode 1 of Emergency Helicopter Medics - Paul's Remarkable Story

First episode sees Berkshire man saved from deadly ‘widow-maker’ heart attack, with thirteen defibrillator shocks to heartRead more

We're back! Emergency Helicopter Medics Series 2 on More4

Tune in to More4 at 9pm on Sundays to see our crew in action on series 2 of Emergency Helicopter Medics.Read more

Take on the challenge of a lifetime and become a #TVAAHero

In February 2018, Rona climbed the Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for us. We’ve checked in with Rona to find out about her experience one year on.Read more