When you look up to see the bold red, the flashes of bright yellow and green, and you hear the thudding of the rota blades as the helicopter stampedes across the sky – what do you think? Chances are, like most people, you’ll think to yourself; ‘some poor soul needs to get to hospital quickly, that’s why they’ve called the helicopter in’. And, in some ways, you’re not wrong. A patient somewhere is in urgent need of hospital treatment, and this is exactly what Thames Valley Air Ambulance delivers.

Whilst the helicopter of course helps our crew get to scene quickly, and rapidly fly the patient to hospital – it only plays a small part in our life saving service.

On board the helicopter or our emergency response vehicles you’ll find a full range of state of the art life support equipment. Over the years the charity has invested in the latest medical technologies. This means our crew have the very best tools available to them to aid diagnosis and treatment at the scene of an incident.

Most importantly, it is our crew themselves that really bring the hospital to the roadside. TVAA is committed to funding doctors. They, in partnership with the highly skilled paramedics, bring the expertise and experience of the hospital A&E to where ever the patient needs them. By starting the treatment process as early as possible, and being able to stabilise the condition of patients at scene, can dramatically increase the chance of patient survival.

The generous support you give to Thames Valley Air Ambulance means that we can bring the hospital to the roadside, and together we save lives.