On Friday 7 December we spent a day walking in the boots of Andy, one of our Critical Care Paramedics on Facebook.

08:30 Hello everybody, I'm Andy one of Thames Valley Air Ambulance's Critical Care Paramedics. Today you'll get a chance to see what it's like to walk in my boots. So stay tuned - Andy #StandWith Us

09:53 Morning all, my boots and flight suit are on, the helicopter checks have been done and I’m ready for the morning briefing with my fellow crew members. We’ll be checking in on today’s flying conditions with pilot Dave #StandWithUs 

10:15 Working with me today is Dr Stewart, Paramedic Hannah and Pilot Dave. We also have teams equipped in Critical Care Response cars stationed around the region. It’s all about team work! - Andy #StandWithUs

11:26 Just back from our first call-out in one of our new Critical Care Response cars which together with our helicopter provide emergency critical care across the region. Hopefully we will squeeze a cuppa in before we are dispatched again - Andy #StandWithUs

14:11 In between call-outs we run scenario simulations with mannequins to practice techniques as part of our ongoing training. Here’s Hannah and I working together as part of today’s simulation - Andy #StandWithUs

13:11 We’re up in the air and on our way to our second call-out. In the helicopter we can we be anywhere in the region within 15 minutes. Speed is vital when a patient is critically ill or seriously injured - Andy #StandWithUs

15:16 Latest update just in! We’re constantly in contact with our partners at South Central Ambulance Service to make sure we are dispatched to the most critically ill and injured. This time we were stood down on route, freeing us up to respond to the next call-out - Andy #StandWithUs

16:11 Just had our night briefing with Pilot Dave, and our night-vision goggles are at the ready. Costing around £20,000 a pair - they are a vital piece of equipment enabling us to bring life-saving care to the most seriously ill or injured people by night as well as by day, saving more lives. - Andy #StandWithUs

16:48 Another incident has just been radioed in and we're already on our way. Our Dispatch Team will update us with any changes to the patient's condition, so as soon as we land we can provide the best possible care - Andy #StandWithUs

17:59 It's almost time to kick my boots off for the day. Before that, I'm handing over to my colleagues on the night shift. Thanks for following me today - find out more about how you can #StandWithUs this Christmas. Thank you and take care - Andy #StandWithUs