This year, a determined team of eight runners completed the hottest London Marathon on record to raise vital funds for us.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Dave, Paul, Anna, Simon, Lisa, Debbie and Lynsey for their incredible efforts.

In 2010, marathon runner Dave, had a traumatic motorbike accident after he skidded on black ice. His injuries were so severe, our crew were dispatched to help him.

“Having been a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance I have always felt a debt of gratitude to them,” said Dave. “During my time recovering from my accident, I decided that I wanted to start running again, after not doing any for about 26 years. I pledge that I would run the marathon to raise money for the vital service.

“I enjoyed training for the marathon, although most of the runs were in freezing cold weather, or snow; unfortunately, nothing to prepare me for the hottest London Marathon ever!

"The heat on the day came as a bit of a shock, and although I had a good first half of the race, the heat took its toll in the second half! I decided on a run/walk approach for the last few miles; during which time I reflected on the generosity of all my sponsors, and how there was no way I was going to let them, or Thames Valley Air Ambulance down.

“I finished in just over four and a half hours, very hot and very relieved, but most of all so proud that I had managed to raise over £2600 for TVAA, hopefully this will be a life saver for someone.”

Our eight runners all did an amazing job an raised a mammoth £7,000 during their London Marathon. You are all Thames Valley Air Ambulance Heroes.

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