We're absolutely delighted that our wonderful paramedic Lisa has won the Local Hero award at the Pride of Reading Awards!

She was recognised for her care, compassion, and dedication to delivering advanced medical care across the Thames Valley.

Well done Lisa and congratulations to all the worthy nominees and other winners.

Read why she was nominated below;

Our very own paramedic Lisa could be crowned Local Hero of the Year at this year’s Pride of Reading Awards. She has been part of the team at Thames Valley Air Ambulance for over a decade.

Care, compassion and dedication – just three of Lisa’s qualities that make her an outstanding paramedic according to her colleague, doctor Simon.

Lisa was nominated for the Pride of Reading Awards by Simon who has worked alongside her, through the good days and the bad.

“Working as part of the Thames Valley Air Ambulance crew means that Lisa often sees people at their worst – in a critical or life-threatening situation.” said Simon.

“Making a difference to the lives of people is what she ‘signed up to do’, it’s her ‘job’. But, working alongside her, it’s clear being a critical care paramedic isn’t just a day job it’s a way of being for her.”

Read more from paramedic Lisa

You may have seen Lisa ‘in action’ in the recent document Emergency Helicopter Medics on More4. Lisa was filmed caring for a nine-year-old boy who had been involved in a road traffic collision.

Doctor Simon has seen Lisa’s exceptional care on many occasions before, “Her years of experience and training mean that she’s well equipped to work in such pressured circumstances but it’s her innate ability to bring care, compassion and calm to a situation that makes her stand out.”

In response to her nomination, Lisa said: “I am sincerely humbled to have been nominated for the Pride of Reading Awards, as to be recognised for doing something that I honestly love doing and which is more than just a job to me, is truly amazing.”

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