Paramedic Jo Jefferies, member of our medical crew, has gained a Diploma in Immediate Medical Care (DIMC).

Serving as a member of the crew since 2010, Jo already brought a huge amount of experience to the team, and she has now passed her DIMC through the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Until recently this was an examination for doctors only.

Jo’s achievement is a shining example that the Charity, who contributed funding to Jo’s place on the course, is committed to developing and enhancing its emergency service in the Thames Valley region.

Jo said: “I'm very pleased to have passed, and slightly surprised, but I did have some tremendous support which got me out of the starting blocks. I would absolutely encourage any one of my colleagues to go for it. It was certainly hard work, but it is achievable and hugely rewarding.”

Our doctor and paramedic crews are able to deliver an advanced level of critical care to stabilise patients, identify their medical needs and get them to the most appropriate hospital for specialist care.

Jo was the first of our paramedics to be awarded support from the TVAA Scholarship Scheme. Our scholarship fund exists to assist medical staff in improving and enhancing their clinical skills in Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine. It ensures that our team is able to provide the highest standard care to patients.

Dr Michael Ward, Trustee, retired Consultant Anaesthetist and Ambulance Medical Director, said, "I am delighted that Joanna has been successful in her recent higher examinations, and that through the recently introduced TVAA Scholarship she was awarded was able to achieve her ambitions. Joanna is a role model by her practice and attitude."

Amanda McLean, CEO said, “We are extremely proud of Jo and our crew. The Scholarship Fund, which has already been awarded to four other crew members, will provide a step up to a higher level of capability. This is a result of the very close partnership we have with the NHS and South Central Ambulance Service. But it is also important to remember that our ambition of delivering a gold standard service is dependent on the generosity of the people, companies and organisations who support us and to whom we can only say thank you in helping to make all of this possible.”