We all love a love story, so this Valentine’s Day we’re celebrating the romantic stories of our former patients.

In 2013, Jack had a life-threatening road traffic collision (RTC) which left him with just a 2% chance of survival. Against the odds, six weeks later he miraculously walked out of hospital.

Throughout his recovery his lovely partner, Holly, has been by his side and she shares how life has been for them since the accident.

“After Jacks accident in 2013, the amazing work and care carried out by the crew at TVAA at the scene of Jacks RTC has meant that myself and Jack have been able to achieve so much in the last five years.

Jack proposed in March 2014 in Paris, and we married a year later. Jack has gone from strength to strength physically and has taken part in jiu jitsu competitions and a half marathon, he is running he Reading Half Marathon on behalf of TVAA which is fantastic.

Most excitingly of all, we have had our first child. Little Harley was born May 2017 and has been such a wonderful blessing, we will be forever grateful for the lifesaving service TVAA provide - Jack and our son wouldn’t be here without them!”


Three and a half years ago Georgie and her partner Ed were driving to Bicester Village to do their Christmas shopping when she went into cardiac arrest. Our crew were quickly on scene to provide advanced medical care to Georgie who was only 24 years old at the time.

“Fortunately, I was one of the very few to survive a cardiac arrest, aided by the amazing and quick response from both the ground and air ambulance teams. Without them I wouldn’t be here today.

Since that day, I’ve managed to get back to living a so called ‘normal life’, working in the city and spending lots of time with my loving family and friends.

Not a day goes by without me remembering the amazing TVAA team that saved my life that day and all the support my family and friends gave me, especially Ed.

Last August, Ed and I got married and had the most amazing day of our lives together with our family and friends.

Thank you TVAA for everything you do in saving people’s lives and giving us a second chance to live our lives to the full and create many more wonderful memories! Happy Valentines all! Share it with those you love most ❤️”