We were delighted to have BBC Radio Berkshire reporting live from our training suite for Road Safety Awareness Week. Reporter, Bridgitte Tetteh, for the Andrew Peach Show interviewed our team as she was shown the pioneering medical equipment our crew use.

Bridgitte met some of our Critical Care Paramedics, Adam, Kurtis and Neil. They showed her the training environments that can be simulated in our immersive Simulation Suite. The incident replicated was a road traffic collision.

The paramedics demonstrated to Bridgitte the medical interventions our crew can deliver on scene using our realistic training mannequins. She also met and interviewed our former patient, Ross, who survived life-threatening injuries following a bike incident.  

If you missed it, and want to listen in you can catch it on BBC Radio Berkshire.

0:40 Our CEO, Amanda introduces us

1:20 Our Director of Operations, Adam explains more about our crew

1:50 Our Critical Care Paramedics Adam, Neil and Kurtis demonstrate our training simulation suite

2:19 Neil demonstrates the medical interventions our crew deliver

2:50 Our former patient, Ross shares his story