Thames Valley Air Ambulance’s (TVAA’s) life-saving emergency medical doctors, paramedics and pilots, have been awarded for their commitment to delivering the highest level of emergency medical care to those that need it across Buckinghamshire.

TVAA air crew flew into the prestigious Stoke Park on Monday 29 June to receive their Pride of Bucks Award for 999 Services Personnel 2015, an award given to a healthcare team that have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The ‘paramedic physician partnership’ of doctors and paramedics found on Thames Valley Air Ambulance is essential for a truly gold standard delivery of pre-hospital emergency medicine, all of which is made possible through the Charity’s close working partnership with South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust.

Receiving the award, Paramedic Team Leader Neil Plant said: “The whole team is incredibly humbled to be recognised by the local community. Trauma happens from the second an incident occurs. The air ambulance team is able to deliver an advanced level of critical care to stabilise patients, identify their medical needs and get them to the most appropriate hospital for specialist care in the quickest time possible. What people thought could only be done inhospital is now being done in minutes by the roadside.”

In its 15th year as a life-saving air ambulance charity, TVAA is committed to developing and enhancing its helicopter emergency medical service in the region to provide the highest level of emergency care outside of a hospital environment. A full range of life-saving equipment is carried on board, including two state of the art ultrasound devices, a blood transfusion kit and an I-Stat machine used for immediate blood analysis helping to shave off valuable seconds in the golden hour.

TVAA’s aviation partner Bond Air Services Ltd and their highly skilled helimed pilots are also central to the service, ensuring the most effective coverage for the entire region, as well as the speed, safety and precision of the operation.

Sir Tim Jenner, Chairman of TVAA said: “We are extremely proud of our air ambulance and its crew and the high standard of expertise and capability which is a result of the very close partnerships we have with South Central Ambulance Service, the NHS and Bond.

“Our teams work tirelessly each day; not only to deliver a unique life-saving service but to develop their knowledge and training to ensure we continue to advance on-scene patient care.

“It is also important to remember that our ambition of delivering a gold standard service is dependent on the generosity of the people, companies and organisations who support us, to whom we are very grateful.”

In the autumn TVAA will take delivery of a new helicopter, fully equipped with specialist kit, such as night vision equipment and additional flood-lighting needed for night operations.

The move into night operations will be a major step change for TVAA enabling the helicopter and crew to bring their life-saving care to the most seriously injured or seriously ill people by night as well as by day, allowing them to respond to more emergency calls.