In October, a trio from The Share Centre took on an epic 50 mile run from The London Stock Exchange to their offices in Aylesbury. The journey was full of highs and lows but in the end, they managed to raise over £5,000 with their impressive feat.

The Share Centre are one of the UK’s leading retail stockbrokers. When the company chose TVAA as their charity partner, an idea was born to run from the financial heart of the country to their offices to raise money and awareness.

Darren, Sheridan and Bryn had trained for months for the challenge. The preparation was demanding both mentally and physically.

The route itself was extremely challenging with no marshals, no water stations, off-road terrain, unpaved roads and a climb over the Chilterns.

Darren explains, “The low point was on a canal path in the dark. We found out the path had been cordoned off for construction efforts. It was either swim or head into the adjacent farmer’s fields. Amazingly, with shattered legs, we clambered over stiles and barbed wire fences and continued the run.”

The guys were welcomed by a full celebration party as they finished the ultra marathon. As they stepped over the line, Sheridan commented on the joy of finishing, “What a truly challenging day, mentally and physically.

“We are glad that we can make some difference to a vital cause. Our sore legs and months of preparation are worth it as we know the money raised will be put to good use with TVAA being called out three times a day on average.”

There is still time to donate to the fundraising total for The Great Fund Run. You can donate and read more updates of their amazing challenge here.