Whilst Team Kili embarked on their epic journey to climb the world's highest freestanding mountain, a group of 20 people attempted to Nordic Walk the equivalent height at Streatley Hill in Berkshire.

Janine from 3J Fitness led the group. Family, friends and local businesses took part and collectively made the 37 ascents. They had a ten minute “hill technique master class” in Nordic walking. A quick warm up and off they went! It took 90 minutes on a warm sunny February morning to complete the challenge. Keeping tabs on the number of ascents qs easy. We used 37 rubber ducks. For every ascent a rubber duck was placed from one plastic tub to another. Very high tech!

There were prizes to incentivise speedy legs and extra ascents. Paul Morton won the Prosecco for most ascents. Sam Samuels won a funky aluminium drink bottle and Frances Gearney won a 3JFitness buff for the fastest legs. They were so confident with their nordic walking technique they took on the additional challenge to “fell run” down. Absolutely sensational.

We raised £200 with our mini Kilimanjaro challenge. We were also able to gather and shout out a few words for the team to lift their spirits and raise them to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Watch the video of the day's action: