Thames Valley Air Ambulance is encouraging England fans to party sensibly during Wednesday night's Semi Final match against Croatia.

This week is expected to be one of the busiest of the year for ambulance services across the country. The last couple of weeks have seen Ambulance services across the country receive a dramatic rise in 999 calls.

The UK is also currently basking in an incredible heatwave which could see temperatures rise to 25 degrees on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed, it’s going to be a magical night, one that will be etched in our memories for years to come. Together with fellow emergency services we advise fans to celebrate sensibly this Wednesday, whatever the outcome of the match. At Thames Valley Air Ambulance, we provide advanced medical care for people in an emergency. Our limited resources can often be stretched in times like this.

Paramedic Kev has the following advice for football fans across our region, “A beer and the football sounds like the perfect combination but it’s important to drink responsibly, particularly during the heatwave.

“We care for all patients with respect, compassion and dignity. It’s always a shame to attend an incident which could have been avoided. Please look after yourself this Saturday and we can make it a weekend to remember.”


Drink plenty of water

As the temperatures hit the high 20’s, you should drink 50 – 100% more water than normal. You can stay hydrated by alternating each alcoholic drink with water.

Avoid swimming

Alcohol and swimming do not mix. Alcohol weakens your balance and coordination which are essential for swimming and avoiding dangers in the water. Whilst the river may look nice and refreshing, please stay on dry land and head to the shade to cool down.

Look out for each other

With emotions running high and alcohol in our systems, sometimes we take more risks that normal. When watching the football this weekend, please look out for your mates around you and stop them doing anything they could regret in the morning.

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