You don’t get much more extreme than Dominic’s quest to conquer Mount Everest.

Dominic, Managing Director at, starts his two-month expedition in April 2018. He hopes to reach the summit of the world’s tallest mountain and raise £5,000.

Dominic’s love of mountaineering began as a child after growing up in the Pennines. He has since walked along the Inca Trail, summited Kilimanjaro, conquered Mera Peak in Nepal and climbed Mount Denali in Alaska. Now he faces the toughest challenge in the world – Mount Everest.

If summiting the worlds tallest mountain wasn’t hard enough, Dominic will be taking the toughest route up. He will be climbing the North side of Everest from Tibet. This is the route that explorers George Mallory and Andrew Irvine climbed in 1924, sadly never to return.

Clearly, this is a monumental challenge that Dominic has set himself, but he is never one for taking the easy route.

“Even as a very young boy I had a fascination with things that are a little different, finding challenges to push me to my limits,” said Dominic. “This is definitely going to be the toughest challenge of them all, but I am doing this for a very worthwhile cause.”

Dominic’s incredible challenge was inspired by a friend who donated his winnings from a horse race to TVAA. “Most people would have found a personal use for this money, but not Steve” said Dominic. “In front of a stunned audience he quietly handed the money over. A simple act of kindness made me realise it’s time to start giving and helping others”.

Dominic’s remarkable bravery really demonstrates the power and importance of our supporters. It’s supporters like Dominic who save lives. Without them we wouldn’t be able to deliver our vital medical service.


We all wish Dominic the best of luck in his incredible challenge and we will be keeping you up to date with his progress in the next few months. You can follow Dominic's updates on his JustGiving page.