Dorney Lake is a world-class rowing and flat-water canoeing centre in a spectacular, 400-acre park land setting near Windsor. It hosted the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012. It provides the perfect venue for a triathlon.

100% traffic free roads and paths, very flat very safe.

Swim Course
The swim will be in Dorney Lake.
The swim is designed for every type of swimmer from beginners to experienced competitors.
Wetsuits are compulsory, and must be fit for purpose, unless the water temperature is above 21.5
degrees or you are able to swim the distance under 20 mins. They must also be within the terms &
conditions of the event, as set out by the Event Organisers under BTF rules & regulations.

Bike Course
Your helmet must be on your head and fastened up before you touch your bike. You must then push your
bike to the bike out exit. You can then mount your bike once you have crossed the mount line (marked
with tape on the road and signed) and ride onto the bike course. Please be aware that they may already be
cyclists out on the course lapping round as you join the route.

Final Run Course
Leave transition by the run out exit and join the running course.
On completion of the relevant running course proceed into the finishing straight and celebrate completing
the event.


·     Beginners Triathlon: 400m Swim, 10.6km Bike, 2.5km Run £60.00

·     Sprint Triathlon: 750m Swim, 21.2km Bike, 5km Run £65.00

·     Olympic Triathlon: 1500m Swim, 42.4km Bike, 10km Run £75.00


*there is an additional processing fee with all online bookings.

On the day of the event will include an additional £5 to the entry fee.