Donna's Survival Story

I’m Donna and five years ago I collided with a lorry at 70mph. I needed urgent medical treatment from Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

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Steve's Survival Story

I’m Steve, and as I was at work, dropping a parcel to an office I was run over. My life was saved by Thames Valley Air Ambulance. I thank them everyday for what they did for me.

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Corinne's Survival Story

I’m Corinne, and I needed medical intervention from Thames Valley Air Ambulance after my horse trampled over me causing serious injuries.

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Ross's Survival Story

I’m Reverend Ross, and I had always dreamed of owning my own three-wheeled motorbike. Unfortunately, on my first ride, my dream turned into a nightmare as I lost control and hit a metal post.

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Bryony's Survival Story

I’m Bryony, and as I was horse-riding, my life changed forever. If it wasn’t for Thames Valley Air Ambulance, I wouldn’t be here today.

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Jo's Survival Story

Jo needed TVAA to help her out after her horse fell on top of her. Since then Jo has been determined to make the most of life. Read more

Jack's Survival Story

Jack was airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital with critical injuries from a road traffic collision and only given a 2% chance of survival. Read more

Lucas' Survival Story

Lucas is a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. He was rescued after drowning in his garden pond. Read more

Charlotte's Survival Story

Charlotte is a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Charlotte was involved in a car accident and suffered extensive injuries. Read more

Georgie's Survival Story

Georgie is a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. She experienced a cardiac arrest just before starting her Christmas shopping. Read more