Kevin's Survival Story

As a keen motorcyclist, Kevin was used to tricky conditions on the road and knew how to handle poor road surfaces. However, as he drove home in Berkshire he hit a pothole and lost control of his bike. Kevin needed the medical expertise of TVAA to help save his life.Read more

Archie's Survival Story

Archie took a knock to the head in a school rugby match and needed the help of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. He is incredibly grateful to the crew and supporters who helped him in his time of need. Read his story.Read more

Jo's Survival Story

Jo needed TVAA to help her out after her horse fell on top of her. Since then Jo has been determined to make the most of life.Read more

Jack's Survival Story

Jack was airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital with critical injuries from a road traffic collision and only given a 2% chance of survival.Read more

Amanda's Survival Story

On Easter Sunday morning Amanda took the family dog for a walk through the local park, alone. Without any unusual symptoms or warning, she collapsed and went into sudden cardiac arrest. With the help of Thames Valley Air Ambulance Amanda has made an amazing recovery.Read more

Vaughan's Survival Story

Vaughan hit a pothole on a cycle ride and needed Thames Valley Air Ambulance to treat and transfer him to John Radcliffe Hospital. Read his story in his own words.Read more

Christine's Survival Story

Christine was pushed off her bike by a trailer on a holiday in Oxfordshire. She suffered multiple injuries but thanks to Thames Valley Air Ambulance she is now on the road to recovery. Read her amazing story in her own words.Read more

Lucas' Survival Story

Lucas is a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. He was rescued after drowning in his garden pond.Read more

Gary's Survival Story

Gary is a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. He was playing football when a bad tackle left him injured and in serious pain.Read more

Craig's Survival Story

Craig is a former patient of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. He was involved in a road traffic collision and suffered multiple injuries.Read more