I’m Reverend Ross, and I’m alive today due to the skill and expertise of Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

I’d always dreamed of owning a three-wheeled motorbike. Last year my dreams came true when I took my brand-new trike out for its first ride. Unfortunately, 15 minutes later that dream turned into a nightmare when I lost control and hit a metal post.

My vital signs were fading quickly as I lay on the ground in a lot of pain. I remember the air ambulance landing and I could see the crews’ legs coming towards me. They gave me ketamine which allowed them to stabilise my condition.

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I was flown to the JR where they tried to save my leg, but unfortunately not a lot could be done and I am now an ‘above-knee-amputee’.

Recovery for me has been good but hard work. Learning to walk again is difficult, but I take my recovery one day at a time. I’ve had family and friends round me which has certainly lifted my spirits and the support I’ve received has been incredible.

I have lost my leg and recovery is challenging, but I am alive today. Looking back, my story could have easily been different.

Since my accident, I’ve wanted to give something back to the crew and the charity that helped me when I was at my most vulnerable. I’m now a volunteer speaker and it’s a privilege to be able to promote the charity and say that these guys literally do save lives.

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