We simply could not provide advanced medical care without every member of our team. Doctors, paramedics, staff, supporters and trustees are all TVAA Heroes.

Paramedic Lisa joined Team TVAA in 2010 and her dedication has resulted in her becoming a pivotal part of the team. In addition to her clinical role she supports the charity through fundraising and attending events.

Who are you and what do you do at the charity?

My name is Lisa Brown and I am a HEMS paramedic working for South Central Ambulance Service in partnership with TVAA.

How do you and your job help provide patient care?

As a HEMS paramedic I am fortunate to be able to work within crews of other paramedics and doctors to deliver advanced care and treatment across the Thames Valley. We deliver critical procedures which are otherwise only possible within a hospital environment, such as anaesthesia, procedural sedation, limb manipulation, ultrasound and blood transfusion.

Working alongside road crews and other emergency personnel our sole aim is to deliver pre-hospital emergency medical care. We begin the emergency treatment and medication required to improve the outcome for our patients before they reach the hospital.


You are an extremely skilled and qualified crew member. What have you done, and how long has it taken you, to reach where you are?

I joined the crew at TVAA in 2010. Since then I have received extensive academic and practical training both within my working practice and in my own time to develop my skill set and provide enhanced critical care. This requires dedication and a desire to improve upon my own knowledge and skill set as well as a requirement of my role.

What is your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge is juggling working full time, raising a family and studying a part time BSC for seven years. I also undertake additional roles to better myself as a practitioner and to mentor and support junior members of staff, including supervising and supporting junior Doctors transitioning from the hospital environment to pre-hospital care.

What attracted you to TVAA?

It has always been a lifelong dream of mine to work with the Air Ambulance and deliver advanced care. I always wanted to be able to help my patients more. Joining the team at TVAA has enabled me to fulfil this dream and to become the practitioner I have always wanted to be.