In March 2013, we were called to a drowning incident of an 18-month-old boy, Lucas.

The crew were alerted just after 5pm and were airborne two minutes later. Lucas had drowned in his garden pond in South Oxfordshire - reaching him quickly was vital.

Whilst circling above the village, looking for somewhere to land, one of the crew spotted two women running into a field, with a small child in their arms.

The helicopter was able to land in the field and Gerry, one of our paramedics, took Lucas from his mother’s arms to start CPR. This was all within just eight minutes of leaving the base. The medical care continued as the crew transferred Lucas into the helicopter and became airborne again, off to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford.

A land crew arrived to transport the family to hospital.

Lee, one of our paramedics tells the rest of the story: “Clive, the paramedic manning our Special Incident Desk had already alerted the hospital to our arrival and had arranged a crew to meet us at the helipad. During the flight Lucas was given a dose of Adrenaline and CPR continued.

Gerry carried Lucas the short distance to A&E. From there it was a trolley push into Resus 3 where the TVAA crew were met by a full team of medical staff. Lucas was placed on the hospital bed and a handover was given.

Sometime later we saw the desperate sight of mum and dad arriving. Before leaving to go back to the helicopter we received a glimmer of hope when we were told that the hospital had got a pulse back. Over the coming days we received regular updates about Lucas’ steady, gradual improvement.”

Lucas made an incredible recovery and amazed his doctors and family. There is absolutely no doubt that he would not be here now if it wasn’t for the speed at which he was treated and taken to hospital by TVAA.

Lucas and his family joined us in 2015 at RAF Benson, for our Royal Visit, where he was reunited with Gerry and the rest of our heroic crew who helped save his life that day.