In July 2012, Lee was involved in a very serious motorcycle crash and had to be airlifted by Thames Valley Air Ambulance.

Lee says: “I was on my way home from work, travelling on my motorcycle, when I was involved in a head-on collision with an oncoming a car. Despite the heavy collision, I actually remember the crash and as I lay on the floor I knew instantly my leg was broken. Amazingly, given the predicament I was in, I couldn’t actually feel any real pain.

The first ambulance responder on scene was a paramedic who had arrived on his bike. I remember him asking if there was an ambulance on route, but he told me there are no land responders available but the air ambulance was on its way. It seemed to be only a few minutes later when I heard the helicopter land nearby.

The crew that came to my aid that day really helped to put my mind at ease and I felt assured that I was in good hands. I remember they removed my motorcycle clothing and applied a collar to support my neck. I then had a needle inserted into my hand and was given some wonder drugs! Because of this I unfortunately don’t remember the helicopter flight or anything else from that day! The next thing I do remember is waking up in the John Radcliffe Hospital.”

Serious injuries
Lee’s injuries were a lot worse than he had initially thought. He sustained a broken tibia-fibula, a broken femur and a cracked rib. He had also broken his back and was suffering from internal bleeding. Lee spent two weeks in the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit, followed by a further four weeks on the hospital ward.

Lee stated that if it weren’t for TVAA, he “would most certainly not be here today”.

“My family and I are eternally grateful for what you amazing guys and girls do! When I was well enough, my family and I arranged a visit to RAF Benson where we met the crew members who came to my aid that day. It was really good to visit the crew who saved my life – I am truly thankful to the staff that helped save my life. Thank you.”