Kevin was riding home on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Spring. As a keen motorcyclist, he was used to tricky conditions on the road and knew how to handle poor road surfaces. However, as he drove along a B Road near Aldworth in Berkshire he hit a pothole and lost control of his bike.

A couple of drivers following witnessed Kevin’s incident - he was catapulted out of his seat and hit the ground hard. Kevin was badly injured with his hand crushed, four broken ribs and his pelvis broken in four places.

Despite the severity of his injuries, Kevin remained conscious throughout the ordeal and could give a first-hand account of what happened next.

“Due to the remoteness of my accident it took a long time before a first responder and an ambulance were on-scene. Shortly after Thames Valley Air Ambulance flew overhead and spotted me to land quickly.

Once the air ambulance crew arrived everything calmed down, and the crew oozed professionalism as they steadied my condition. They applied a pelvic stabilisation device which relieved a lot of pain and prevented further damage.

The crew decided that it was best to airlift me to the John Radcliffe Hospital. This was a nine-minute journey rather than a 45-minute ride in the back of the land ambulance.

After being strapped up I was transferred to the air ambulance which is easier said than done for a man of 6’4” – the helicopter isn’t very big! But the speed and smoothness of the helicopter ride was invaluable to my condition.

I spent six days in intensive care at the John Radcliffe Hospital where I underwent a lot of surgery. My right hand was re-built and my other injuries were stabilised.

A year on from my accident and I have fully-recovered, except for a few niggling issues. I am now back to work and have even been back on my bike, albeit a bit slower!

Thames Valley Air Ambulance were there for me when I needed them most and now I am trying to give something back. My friends and I have organised a Ball, BBQ, race night and disco to help keep the air ambulance flying.

I will be forever indebted to the air ambulance crew that attended to me. The care they gave undoubtedly protected me from further damage - damage that a fast-moving land ambulance on poor roads may have exacerbated.”