Jack was airlifted to the John Radcliffe Hospital (JR) with critical injuries from a road traffic collision (RTC) and only given a 2% chance of survival.

Six weeks later, he walked out of hospital and was dubbed a 'walking miracle'. Jack’s girlfriend, Holly, tells us her side of the event.

“I was unlucky enough to find out about Jack's accident when I listened to a voicemail from the police. I didn't get to the end of the voicemail before calling straight back.

The officer explained that Jack had been in a car accident and was on his way by air ambulance to the JR in Oxford.
I asked the police officer if Jack was OK, not knowing the full extent of his injuries he could only respond with 'he's not well'.

“When I arrived at A&E, Jack was still in resuscitation and they were trying to stabilise him. It was then that I learnt about the severity of his injuries. The doctor explained that Jack had a severe brain injury and multiple fractures to his face, neck and back along with a collapsed lung.

They gave him a 2% chance of survival but I was told 'he is in the best place possible'.

I couldn't imagine how devastating the consequences would have been if the air ambulance had not been on the scene that day. The location of Jack’s accident meant he wasn't particularly close to any hospitals, especially hospitals with the facilities and capabilities of the JR.

Jack received expert care at the scene of the accident from the specialist trauma doctor and the fantastic paramedics onboard. This meant he was stable enough to fly straight to the JR. I have no doubts that this gave Jack the best possible chance at survival and recovery.

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Life after Jack’s accident was crazy. He was in an induced coma for 12 days to allow his brain to heal. He had a neck and back brace for two months to allow his bones to align properly. After 13 days at the JR, he was transferred to our hometown hospital in Basingstoke.

Things continued to improve, physically and mentally, until he was well enough to come home - this is where his recovery really started. Jack suffered from short term memory loss and serious fatigue for many months but as time went on he got better and better.

Jack proposed in Paris and we got married in 2015. Two years later we welcomed little baby Harley into our lives – Jack and I are totally in love with him.

Thames Valley Air Ambulance hasn’t just saved Jack’s life but has allowed us to live life to the full.

Thank you.”