“All I remember was waking up in hospital and wondering where I was. My family soon filled me in on what had happened… A few days before I had a cardiac arrest and it was the air ambulance crew who had come to my rescue. I was 24 years old.”

Unable to remember anything about her incident, Georgie’s boyfriend Ed relays what happened:

“Georgie and I had just driven for an hour to Bicester Village shopping centre for a pre-Christmas shopping spree.

When arriving in the car park, Georgie said she felt dizzy. I looked over at her in the driver’s seat and she had suddenly collapsed. I immediately called to a car park attendant to get help and called 999. The onsite paramedics arrived quickly and were followed shortly by the air ambulance service.

The air ambulance paramedics performed CPR and gave Georgie two shocks to restart her heart but she was unable to breathe on her own so the doctor on board induced Georgie into a coma.”

Georgie needed to get to the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford as quickly as possible but there was a traffic accident that day and travelling by road could have taken up to an hour - the TVAA crew got her there in 10 minutes.

Since the incident Georgie has thankfully made an incredible recovery. Reflecting back on the incident Georgie says:

“I was informed of the severity of a cardiac arrest and how essential it is to have medical treatment as soon as possible. It was thanks to the expertise and advanced medical equipment that the air ambulance brought to the scene that I am not only alive today, but also have fully recovered with no brain damage.”

So thank you to all the air ambulance team who helped save my life that day and continue to save other people’s lives every day.”