Gary was playing a Saturday football match in March 2012 for Holmer Green FC against Berkhampstead FC.

During a Berkhampstead attack he moved across to challenge an opposing player but landed awkwardly, causing a big injury.

Gary stated: “I felt and heard my lower leg give way. I looked down and saw my leg severely deformed inside my sock with what looked like the bone poking through on the inside of my leg and my foot hanging off to the outside. I managed to dive on the floor and rotate my body in such a way that I kept my leg elevated and as I slowly brought it to rest on the ground the pain hit.

It was like nothing that I had ever felt before. From that point onwards I was in the hands of those around me and the response from certain individuals was amazing.

Within minutes the first ambulance had arrived and then came the moment it felt I’d been waiting an age for – pain relief! A quick dose of morphine and things were looking better already. The side effect of this being that from that point on things became a little blurry and I can only remember bits and pieces.

When the air ambulance crew arrived, I was told they needed to ‘reset’ my leg and seal the wound from the open fracture. It didn’t take long and before I knew it I was on a stretcher being carried towards the helicopter. This was the point at which I passed out, or at least I think I did, for I certainly don’t remember anything after that!

My first recollection following the accident is sitting up in a hospital bed waiting to go in for my operation. Although this was obviously one of the worst experiences of my life, I am fully aware that it could have been a whole lot worse had it not been for the people around me and those who treated me.

I must say a massive thank you to the Thames Valley Air Ambulance. The speed in which they go to me and flew me to John Radcliffe was truly remarkable and the expertise of the doctor who was on-board that day was without a doubt the deciding factor in how well I have been able to recover since that day. It truly is a remarkable service they provide and one that I personally will be forever grateful for.”