In February 2012, Craig had finished work for the day and was on his way to a part-time volunteering job. He approached the junction at the crossing of the H6 in Milton Keynes and as he went to cross, was hit by a car.

Craig told us: “It was not until months later, after I had been released from hospital, that I had a flashback of the accident. After meeting and talking to a woman who ran up the road at the time of the accident to try and help me, I recalled the level of pain I was in.

My entire lower right leg had been crushed between the bike and car almost to the point where I no longer had a lower leg. I lost over half of my blood and suffered a small internal bleed in my brain despite the protection of my crash helmet. I also suffered a fracture to my T4vertebrae in my spine. I knew I was injured and someone was holding me while I was on the road thrashing around in excruciating pain but could not understand fully what had happened.

A rapid response vehicle was the first of any emergency services to arrive at the scene, followed by paramedics, police, and the crucial Thames Valley Air Ambulance.”

Craig was flown to the John Radcliffe Hospital, temporarily stabilised and monitored on the ICU ward while plans were made for plastic surgeons and trauma surgeons to perform surgery on his leg.

“I have a faint memory of my plastic surgeon explaining to my mother, my girlfriend and I that due to the extensive damage to skin, nerves, blood vessels, muscle, and bone that there was a possibility my leg may have to be amputated.

There is no doubt in my mind that the crew of the air ambulance saved my life. What is even more impressive is that they got me to hospital so quickly that my leg was able to be saved and repaired. I have spent over 30 collective hours in theatre having surgical procedures performed on my leg and one year later I am almost at the stage where I am able to start learning to walk again.

I owe my life, my leg, and my future ability to walk, to the air ambulance, getting me to hospital in rapid time and they will never be forgotten for this selfless work.”

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