I’m Corinne, and I needed vital medical intervention from Thames Valley Air Ambulance after my horse trampled over me causing serious injuries.

I took my horse along to a horse event for his first time. He was a bit skittish and whilst I was on him, he had a mad moment. He chucked me in the air, kicked me in the head and trampled all over me.

I was left lying on the floor with serious head injuries, damage to my leg and a shattered pelvis. Without immediate advanced medical treatment, I could have bled to death.

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Fortunately, the event paramedics were quick to act and called in help from Thames Valley Air Ambulance. The helicopter landed within 15 minutes, which was a massive relief.

The crew took control of the situation. They put a brace around my pelvis to keep it together and stopped the bleeding from my head before flying me straight to the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The TVAA crew came back into see me in hospital later that day after delivering another patient to the hospital. I thought it was amazing that they cared enough to take time out of their day and come to see how I was.

I was initially told that I may never be able to ride a horse again. However, us horsey-girls don’t take no for an answer. I was back competing on my horse just three months after the incident.

The air ambulance crew that came to my rescue that day are my heroes. They help save lives, like my own every day and I am in awe of their skill. I can’t believe how amazing they are and yet they are so humble.

Thank you.

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