We have 38 confirmed participants taking on Kilimanjaro for Thames Valley Air Ambulance due to leave the UK on February 18 2017 for 10 days. This is a really exciting time as it's our first overseas challenge and we have never embarked on an expedition of this magnitude before.

Kilimanjaro is already the stuff of legend. First climbed by Europeans in the late 19th century, its snow-capped peak towering above the savannah has drawn intrepid travellers ever since. This natural wonder is situated in northern Tanzania, just 200 miles south of the equator and it is known to be the highest volcano in the world. Our trek will take us from the fertile farmland at the mountain’s base through five distinct climatic zones before topping out at 5895 metres above sea level.

As well as the spectacular scenery and varied environments that can be seen, this challenge is about engaging with a diverse culture. There’s the chance to meet people from different backgrounds, and for many people this can be the most eye-opening part of the trip.

This challenge can leave participants feeling as though their lives have been changed for the better, but remember, this is an adventure challenge in Sub-Saharan Africa. Meaning there's no glamour and comfort is minimal, it will be tough!

We are working with Really Wild Challenges and are hoping to raise £4,350. This is what we need to fund the entire trip. Our team have been busy fundraising over the last 12 months with many of them organising their own fundraising with plenty more events coming up over the next few months. So watch this space!