Charlotte’s car hit part of a central reservation on the A34 near Chieveley, Berkshire, in September 2013. The car rolled down an embankment and Charlotte was trapped in the up-turned vehicle.

Given the speed in which she was travelling, onlookers who witnessed the incident have stressed that it was a miracle Charlotte survived.

Witness, Stuart said: “I could see Charlotte’s car upside down and I immediately phoned 999. I feared the worst and didn’t expect to find Charlotte alive.”

Charlotte was unresponsive and appeared not to be breathing. Thames Valley Air Ambulance arrived at the scene within ten minutes. Charlotte was airlifted to the John Radcliffe in a journey that proved vital to her recovery.

With extensive injuries, including a brain haemorrhage, a collapsed lung and a broken back Charlotte arrived at hospital in a matter of minutes and was swiftly under the intensive care of the John Radcliffe’s trauma unit.

We are pleased to say that Charlotte has gone on to make an excellent recovery. In February 2014, five months after her accident, Charlotte was well enough to visit the crew who saved her life, at RAF Benson, and impress them all with her positive attitude towards recovery.